FNPS Mourns the Loss of Dr. Mark Whitten

Posted April 15, 2019

We lost another great man on April 12th.  Mark was an amazing botanist at the Florida Museum of Natural History in Gainesville.  He was a kind and generous person who inspired many people to become scientists and researchers.  His sudden and unexpected passing is a shock. The Society…

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2019 Conference Registration is Open

Posted February 22, 2019

Register now.  See our conference page for more information.  Share this with your friends.  Let's have a wonderful time in Crystal River in May 16-19.  The theme is Transitions, and we will be at a place and time when these are very relevant.  See clear springs release water from our karst-based aquifer into rivers and the Gulf of Mexico.  See changes being attributed to climate change.  Learn how you can be effective at protecting our coastal ecosystems.

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Press Releases: 2019-03-08 Registration Opens

Bylaws Review for Annual Members Meeting

Posted April 22, 2019

We will be voting on a new Bylaws revision at our Annual Members meeting on Saturday, May 18th from 8:00 am - 9:15 a.m. at our Annual Conference at the Plantation on Crystal River.  We’ll be going back to basics, and removing “policy” to our Policy Handbook.  Yes, we’ve done this before,…

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Public Garden Grant for Charlotte and Sarasota Counties - Mangrove Chapter

Posted December 10, 2018

The Mangrove Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society has made available $250 per Grant application “to create a public wildlife garden; to rehabilitate or enhance an existing garden; to replace invasive, exotic species with Florida native plants; to enhance a clubhouse, business, or non-profit…

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Warty Sedge, Carex verrucosa

Warty Sedge, Carex verrucosa
Warty Sedge, Carex verrucosa. Ralph E. Simmons State Forest, Nassau County. Photo CC BY-NC ericpo1

Don't be turned off by the ugly name, Warty Sedge (Carex verrucosa) is a chunky sedge that defies the stereotypes that sedges are all small, green, boring, and indistinguishable. It has seriously spiky inflorescences and seedheads that are striking in the field. It doesn't have any other common names that I'm aware of, so that makes things easy.

Warty Sedge, Carex verrucosa. Watson Island State Forest, St. Johns County. Photo CC BY-NC ericpo1
Flowering Warty Sedge, Carex verrucosa, Avon Park Air Force Range, Polk County, FL. Photo CC BY-NC Edwin Bridges

C. glaucescens was described in 1817 by botanist Gotthilf Muhlenberg, for whom the genus Muhlenbergia is named (the very common landscape grass Hairawn Muhly, M. capillaris, is a member of that genus)2,3.  It is vouchered for 45 out of the 67 counties in Florida. It can be found throughout Florida, from the Green Swamp (map) to the Chuluota Wilderness Area (map) and scattered throughout the panhandle3. It's also a fairly impressive full-sized plant, as you can see.

Warty Sedge, Carex verrucosa, in a hydric flatwoods in Okaloosa County. Photo CC BY-NC D. Tilson

Warty Sedge is within the Glaucescentes section of the Carex genus4, which means that it is closely related to other chunky-fruited Florida sedges: Cypress Swamp Sedge (C. joorii) and Clustered Sedge (C. glaucescens). We profiled Clustered Sedge last week for Sedge Sunday.

Clustered Sedge is listed as threatened in Mississipi, North Carolina, and Texas5. This sedge was mentioned in a Palmetto article from 2013 by Linda Curtis6.

Go out and photograph some sedges!


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Further reading

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by Valerie Anderson, staff | email

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