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We provide scientifically sound information on native plants, their habitats, the wildlife that depends on them, and their management and culture

Photographs above by Donna Bollenbach, Suncoast Chapter


Proposed By Laws Change

Posted May 15, 2015

The FNPS Board of Directors is proposing to ask the members for a change to the By Laws at the 2015 Annual Meeting.  This change is intended to facilitate officer continuity by adding the position of President Elect as a one year term, after which the individual would run for a two-year term as President, and then serve as Past President for one year.

Currently we elect the President for two years, and that person then serves a two year term as Past President.

The change retains the total 4-year commitment, but allows for a year of training prior to the 2-year term as President and shortens the Past President term to one year..

The Board hopes that having the training period will also broaden the pool of people who are then qualified to successfully fill lthe role of President and encourage more people to consider filling the presidency.

Click the link below to see more detail on how this would work.

Letter from Anne Cox, President

The link below provides the new By Laws language.  The new language is in blue.  If you want to compare with the existing By Laws language, the 2014 By Laws are posted on this website.  Follow the links in the menu at the bottom of the page, left column, Support Documents

By Laws with Proposed Updates

Note:  It appears that there were changes made upon changes .. and the result was confusion in the text.  To attempt to keep that from happening again, please send any requested wording changes to Shirley Denton ecotypes@verizon.net -- I will attempt to make the changes in a consistent manner.  Please only address the changes relating to President Elect -- not general improvements to the By Laws.

I believe that the errors identified by Steve Woodmanse and Dave Feagles have been fixed.

Latest Upload -- 11 pm, Friday Night, May 15

Thank you -- Shirley

Silent Auction Online Bid for Smokey Mountains Vacation

Posted May 15, 2015

Bid to Win a Dream Cottage Vacation in The Smokey Mountains of North Carolina and support the mission of the Florida Native Plant Society to conserve, protect and preserve native plants and native plant communities. On-line Bidding will open at 12:15 am on Saturday, May 16th and on-line bidding…

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Cuba in November

Posted April 01, 2015

Join FNPS in a botanical exploration of Cuba. The Florida Native Plant Society in partnership with the Florida Keys TREE Institute present The Plants of Central and Northwest Cuba November 15-22, 2015- 8 days, 7 nights Pinar del Rio, Vinales Valley, Zapata Swamp, Cienfuegos, Havana.

Join Raul Verdecia, one of Cuba’s native plant specialists to experience Cuba through a humanitarian exchange program by our 501-c-3, nonprofit organization. Share a true “People to People” exchange of culture and the environment. This exceptional program will include visiting the magical UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) Biospheres of Cienfuegos, Zapata Swamp, Vinales Valley, Pinar del Rio, and remarkable Havana. While there, you will learn about the gardens, environment, art, music, architecture, while having an opportunity to personally interface with the plant people of these regions!

Click here for info.

FNPS Submits Open Letter to Legislature

Posted April 27, 2015

FNPS has written an open letter to the legislature that will be personally distributed by FNPS lobbyist Sue Mullins.  The letter provides factual evidence to dispute the legislature's continuing contention that Florida doesn't properly manage the conservation land that it already owns, and that we have already conserved enough land.  These contentions do not comport with facts!  

Download Letter

Slide Show Images

Posted April 01, 2015

Do you have images that you think would be an asset to this home page?  We always want new images for our home page slideshow.   Images need to be at least 1140 pixels wide, and the ultimate image used will need to be 1140 px by 360 px (we can crop, we will not use images that are too small…

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Latest from the Blog

Conference Highlights: Burning and so much more...

FNPS Conference, Born to Burn: May 28 - 31 in Tallahassee

Last day to register online is May 22. Onsite registration will open on May 27th.
(The online registration fee is $85/day. Onsite registration is $120/day.)  

Born to Burn is our theme and we'll offer a good variety of presentations, workshops and panel discussions on the importance of fire for Florida's ecosystems.
Of course, we are offering field trips in Florida's Panhandle. Several still have openings on both Thursday and Sunday. (You must register for one day of the conference in order to participate in a field trip,)

But wait, there's more... 

 3 social events: (Fees apply.)

- Thursday evening: Welcome to the Capital. Dinner on the 22nd floor of the capital building
- Friday evening: Dinner and optional boat ride at Wakulla Springs
- Saturday evening:  Dinner at Tall Timbers Research Center & Land Conservancy. a fitting end to the conference.

William Bartram (aka Mike Adams) will make an appearance at the Saturday evening social event at Tall Timbers.

- Dr. Austin Mast (left), Department of Biological Science, Florida State University, will lead the group through a transcription blitz at FSU's Robert K. Godfrey Herbarium.
- Sue Mullins, FNPS's lobbyist will present, Speaking for Florida: learn how to support Florida’s ecosystems.  The workshop will address all forms of communicating to lawmakers, including:Audience research, Coalition building,.Grassroots & grasstops mobilization, Issues management / public affairs, Media relations, Partnership development, Social media, Strategic communications, How to effectively communicate to elected officials, and What not to do.

A Saturday presentation by  Eleanor Dietrich and Robert Farley. Learn how to request Wildflower Areas in your area, with examples of how this program is being implemented in northwest Florida.

Florida needs more wildflowers and less mowing, so let's all work with our local officials to make this happen now that there are new regulations for doing so.

 Native Florida Plants for Shady Landscapes

A Saturday presentation (and the book will be for sale on Friday and Saturday) by Craig Huegel.

Living in Florida makes shade extremely desirable, but landscaping in shade creates its own set of challenges.  Plants do not respond to shady areas the same as they respond to sun.  Understanding how shade affects plants and knowing which native species perform adequately under these conditions is important if you are create an ecologically vibrant landscape in shade.  

 The Art of Maintaining a Florida Native Landscape

A Friday presentation (with pre-orders for the book taken on Friday and Saturday) by Ginny Stibolt

When native plant enthusiasts talk to people who are familiar with high maintenance lawns, instant landscapes, seasonally planted beds, and the pretty-on-the-shelf plants, we have a lot of talking to do. We can explain how the native plants provide specific habitat services in their natural ecosystems such as supplying food to birds or insects. But when we say natives need less water, no pesticides, and no fertilizer, are we over stating our case? 

 2015 FNPS Conference

So we'll see you in Tallahassee! 

Written and posted by Ginny Stibolt

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