FNPS is one of the few organizations actively supporting research for conservation of Florida's native plants.

We are proud to have sponsored research that will assist in best managing our unique species and ecosystems. We are also proud to have assisted many young ecologists in their doctoral and masters projects.

Special Project: Liatris seed

FNPS was assisted the Florida Wildflower Foundation by administering a grant to test Liatris species for use as roadside plantings.  The research was completed and the report submitted the the Wildflower Foundation.


Call for Research Track Papers and Poster Presentations

The Florida Native Plant Society Annual Conference will be held in Daytona Beach, Florida, May 18-22, 2016.  The Research Track of the Conference will include presented papers and a poster session on Friday May 20 and Saturday May 21.  Researchers are invited to submit abstracts on research…


Research Grants

FNPS annually provides grants for research leading to the conservation of Florida native plants. These grants are funded through donations from our Endowment Fund, from our general membership fees, and from targeted donations from individuals and chapters. Grants are provided based on funding available and on the quality of applications received.

The list below lists the most recent projects that we have funded. Click here for a full list of Endowment Grant recipients.

A DNA barcode to identify native species of air plants
Barbara Whitlock (University of Miami, Department of Biology, 2015)
Population viability analysis for three populations of the threatened Florida endemic, Euphorbia telephioides
Natali Miller (Florida State University, Department of Biology, 2015)
Growth rings in Florida’s hardwood hammocks: Can X-rays precisely estimate the age and growth rates of trees in South Florida?
Sebastian Palmas-Perez (University of Florida, School of Forest Resources and Conservation, 2015)