What We Do

The Florida Native Plant Society is devoted to the preservation, conservation, and restoration of the native plants and native plant communities of Florida.

We focus on five major areas: (Follow the links to learn more)

We support conservation through:
  • Participation in the policy-making process where it effects the integrity of native plant communities and presevation of native plants,
  • Support for land preservation programs at federal, state, and local levels,
  • Funding of conservation projects (Conservation Grant Recipients and Grant Application)
Land Management
We participate in the management and restoration of native plants and native plant communities.
We sponsor research about Florida native plants and about their management needs for the future. We also provide citizen research such as creating plant lists and surveying for invasive species. (Research Projects Funded and Grant Application)
Educating the public, landowners and managers, and public servants about Florida natives and their value to us as Floridians.
We provide information and opportunities to bring Florida natives into the human landscape for the benefit of wildlife, water conservation, water quality, and preserving our natural history. (Award Winners and Award Application)