TorreyaKeepers Project

The Florida Panhandle is home to the most endangered conifer in North America: Florida Torreya (Torreya taxifolia).  The Florida Torreya is a Federally Endangered tree that only occurs in the ravines east of the Apalachicola River in Liberty and Gadsden counties.  Unfortunately, this area was hit hard by hurricane Michael in 2018.  Florida DEP and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service are charged with the recovery of this endangered species.  Most known trees are on State lands, including Torreya State Park which is named after this iconic species.

The purpose of this project is to assist the recovery of the Florida Torreya tree (Torreya taxifolia) in its native habitat in accordance with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Recovery Plan, particularly in light of post-storm inventory and monitoring needs.  The goal is to locate and document the condition of remaining wild trees and facilitate off-site safeguarding of genetic lines for long-term species survival.  

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