Restoration Projects

Beginning in January 2018, major restoration projects began at a number of public properties. The plants and seeds were all collected at nearby sites slated for development.  Numerous plant rescues have taken place and have conserved 10s of thousands of plants and populations of more than 50 species.

The Sandhill community plants were introcucted at restoration sites at Lake Louisa State Park,  St. John’s River Water Management District, Oakland Nature Preserve, and several sites managed by Lake County Water Authority and Lake County Parks & Trails. 

Volunteers continue to collect seeds on sites for which we have permission and propagation of those seeds by our partner Green Isle Gardens continues to supply even more plants to the restoration sites on the nearby public properties.

Volunteer Kevin Moore (left) and Green Isle Gardens Nursery Manager Nick Giannola (right) helped install extra irrigation lines to accommodate the nearly 1,000 plants introduced at Lake Louisa State Park.  

A  Skyblue Lupine, Lupinus cumulicola, rescued in 2017 is shown flowering at Oakland Nature Preserve in March 2018.

April McClain, manager of greenhouse operations for Green Isle Gardens grows plants for restoration work from seeds collected  from rescue sites by FNPS members.  She also helps rescue and plant.

Volunteers are shown planting at a Sandhill restoration site at St. John’s River Water Management District near Lake Apopka.