Natural Lands Management and Restoration

FNPS focuses on conservation including the protection of native lands and management of those lands as this is key to protecting our native flora.

Land Management Partners (LMP) Committe

Florida's 3.8 million acres of conservation lands require active stewardship to maintain them as viable ecosystems and as places for people to use for educational and recreational purposes. As part of this process, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) conducts periodic reviews of state properties acquired under voter-initiated conservation purchases. In 2009-2010, FNPS members played a part in 87% of these reviews and are scheduling participation at a rate of 100% for 2010-11. On site land management reviews ensure that the property is being cared for in accordance with approved management plans. The success of our reviews of FDEP properties led several of Florida's Water Management Districts to request our services for reviews of their own Land Management Plans. The success of the Land Management Partners Committee (LMP) led to its establishment as a stand alone committee in 2010. Land Mangement Partners Info

Invasive Plant Control

FNPS was one of the first non-profit organizations to become a signatory of the new Florida Invasive Species Partnership, and in 2010, FNPS worked with other members of the partnership to implement common goals for the control of invasive plants.


FNPS chapters regularly participate in land restoration efforts. Our Lake Beautyberry Chapter has been working on restoration of old orange groves to sandhill at a public park in Lake County (Pear Park). Our Suncoast Chapter has helped plant Chrysopsis floridana (Florida goldenaster) back into scrubs in Manatee County.