Landscape Awards 2014

Landscape Awards 2014

List of Awardees

Award of Excellence

Cedar Point Environmental Park
Mangrove Chapter and CHEC volunteers
Mangrove Chapter and CHEC volunteers
Project Name:
Mangrove Chapter
Project Location:
City of Englewood, Charlotte County
Project Description:

he Mangrove Chapter-sponsored demonstration garden is located at Cedar Point Environmental Park in Charlotte County, Englewood, Florida. The park has been managed by the Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center (CHEC) since 1994.

The overall objective for the garden was to promote butterfly-attracting and larval host plants, showcase endangered plants, and install representative plant species occurring naturally in the region. It is an educational site where the public can see native plants in their natural habitat, recognize their beauty, and be encouraged to incorporate them into their home landscape. 

The starting point was a neglected “butterfly garden” near the park Educational Building, which had very few butterfly larval food sources and many non-native plants.. An adjacent 3,500 square feet of overgrown saw palmettos, lyonias, rosary pea, grapevines and smilax was targeted for garden development.

The garden is maintained by a work group comprised of Mangrove Chapter members and CHEC volunteers which meets once a week, year-round, for the purpose of maintaining the garden with hand watering (no irrigation system), weeding, pruning, dead-heading, transplanting, potting, plant replacement, and other improvement projects.

The garden has been recognized as a Florida-friendly model landscape by the Florida Yards & Neighborhoods; a Certified Butterfly Garden by the North American Butterfly Association and given the Beautification Award from the Englewood-Cape Haze area Chamber of Commerce (December, 2009) in recognition of our aesthetic contribution to our community.