Conservation of Rare Plants and Native Habitats

FNPS focuses on conservation including the preservation and restoration of rare plants and their habitats.

Particpation on the FDACS Endangered Plant Council


FNPS has a seat on this council which is responsible for developing the list of rare plant species listed as Endangered, Threatened, or of Special Concern by the State of Florida

History of the Endangered Plant Advisory Council

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Support for Conservation Lands Acquisition


For many years, FNPS has supported state and local acquisition of conservation lands. We operate at both the state and local level to support public acquisition and appropriate management of lands that protect intact ecosystems, native flora, and wildlife. At the state level, FNPS was a participant…



The list below lists recent projects that we have funded.

Tolumnia bahamensis population augmentation in Jonathan Dickinson State Park FY18-19, Jonathan Dickinson State Park
Ellen Stewart and the Friends of Jonathan Dickinson State Park, sponsored by the Martin County Chapter (2018)

The focal species for this proposal is Dancing Lady Orchid (Tolumnia bahamensis), a state-listed endangered orchid with a narrow range, limited to two southern Florida counties and the Bahamas. The scrub ecosystem that this orchid occupies along Atlantic sand ridges has a very limited distribution. This species is found naturally in two small patches (<100 individual plants) in Jonathan Dickinson State Park and one Palm Beach County property. This rare plant is endangered due to development, poaching and loss of pollinators. This orchid occupies late successional scrub. The funds from this project will be used to collect seed, grow plants, and outplant 1,000 plants into the park.

This award was made possible by generous donations from the following:
Annie Schmidt and Jack Stites
Dade Chapter of FNPS in honor of Don and Joyce Gann
Tarflower Chapter of FNPS in honor of Dick Deuerling
Nature Coast Chapter of FNPS
Sea Rocket Chapter of FNPS