Conservation of Rare Plants and Native Habitats

FNPS focuses on conservation including the preservation and restoration of rare plants and their habitats.

Particpation on the FDACS Endangered Plant Council


FNPS has a seat on this council which is responsible for developing the list of rare plant species listed as Endangered, Threatened, or of Special Concern by the State of Florida

History of the Endangered Plant Advisory Council

2018 Meeting Minutes (as posted on the FDACS Endangered Plant Council website)

2017 Meeting Minutes  (as posted on the FDACS Endangered Plant Council website)

2016 Meeting Minutes

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Support for Conservation Lands Acquisition


For many years, FNPS has supported state and local acquisition of conservation lands. We operate at both the state and local level to support public acquisition and appropriate management of lands that protect intact ecosystems, native flora, and wildlife. At the state level, FNPS was a participant…



The list below lists recent projects that we have funded.

Save Florida's Bromeliads Conservation Project,
Martha Pessaro, sponsored by the Sea Rocket Chapter (2019)
The Save Florida's Bromeliads Conservation Project was first conceived by Dr. Teresa Cooper in 2015 in response to the large decline in Tillandsia utriculata populations caused by the Mexican Bromeliad Weevil at the Enchanted Forest Sanctuary and throughout central and southern Florida.  Because of the weevil, Tillandsia utriculata is in danger of being extirpated in Florida.  The primary goal is to create, establish and implement a method to keep this species alive while continuing to search for a way to control the weevil.  Conservation work at the Enchanted Forest has been coordinated by the Environmentally Endangered Lands Program management staff, selection and management committees, researchers and volunteers in a collaborative effort.
This award was made possible by a generous donation from Florida Power & Light (NextEra Energy)


Habitat Enhancement and Restoration of Clasping Warea (Warea amplexifolia),
Putnam Land Conservancy, sponsored by the Marion Big Scrub Chapter (2019)

The objective of this project is to enhance and restore populations of the federally endangered plant, Warea amplexifolia (W. amplexifolia) (G1/S1/E/E) on sandhill community (G3/S2) lands owned or protected by the Putnam Land Conservancy (PLC) and educate the public about the importance of this project. PLC is collaborating with the Florida Native Plant Society (FNPS) and the Marion Big Scrub Chapter of the FNPS on this project which will also enhance the sandhill habitat for other associated rare species. 

This award was made possible by generous donations from the following:
Tarflower Chapter of FNPS in honor of Dick Deuerling
Sea Rocket Chapter of FNPS
Dade Chapter of FNPS in honor of Don and Joyce Gann
Nature Coast Chapter of FNPS
Annie Schmidt