Society News

Saddened by the Loss of Don Lantz

February 13, 2020

Our hearts are heavy as we report that Don Lantz, one of our founding members, passed away on February 12, 2020.  We have lost a member of our family.  Our sadness is tempered with deep gratitude to Don for his dedication to preserving natural Florida.  Don is survived by his wife Peggy and four children.  Don and Peggy have been active members of the Society and lifelong members of our Tarflower Chapter.  


Don was the Society’s first administrator - he managed the membership records and was our “office.” He was also the society’s historian while Peggy was our first Palmetto magazine editor.   He and Peggy also managed our annual conference – a herculean job!  Don eventually turned over the job to Barbara Soumar, in late 1990s. 


At the Society’s 10-year anniversary, Don wrote an article for our Palmetto magazine that documented the history and progress of our organization in its first decade:  




The family has requested that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the Florida Native Plant Society’s Endowment fund.  The earnings from the endowment fund research on Florida’s native plants and plant communities.


You can donate in memory of Don Lantz by clicking here and choosing Endowment Fund Donation and then below that click on “in memory of”.  In the menu that will drop down, enter “Don Lantz.”


The memorial service for Don will be on February 29th at 3:30 pm at Oakland Presbyterian Church, 218 E Oakland Ave, Oakland, FL 34760.