Hot Spot: Lake Griffin State Park

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Lake Griffin State Park consists of ~621 acres of mesic flatwoods, sandhill, scrubby flatwoods, xeric hammock, basin marsh, baygall, depression marsh, hydric hammock, and river floodplain lake habitats. Although the park is not located on Lake Griffin, there is access to the lake from the park via the Dead River which terminates within the park boundaries.

It is notable for being the first property where the endemic and endangered Clasping Warea, Warea amplexifolia was protected.

Land Management

2019 June 12 -  Juliet Rynear, Executive Director, Wendy Poag, Lake Beautyberry Chapter, and Brian Brandon, Tarflower Chapter participated in the Land Management Review. Brian’s writeup of his experience is here.


FNPS is not currently monitoring any plant populations onsite.


The Villages Chapter maintains the native landscaping at the park entrance. Report on a workday in 2018.

Site Map

For the most current site boundary, see the Florida Natural Inventory Conservation Map

  • Description Written By: Valerie Anderson and Brian Brandon
  • Last Updated: 2019-06-26 14:16:54

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