Hot Spot: Lake Wales Ridge State Forest - Arbuckle and Walk-in-Water Tracts

The Lake Wales Ridge State Forest provides a habitat for 24 plants and 19 animals currently having federal or state status as threatened or endangered. Most of these are resident on both the Arbuckle and Walk-in-Water Tracts.  Rare and endangered plants include the pygmy fringe tree, scrub plum, Carter’s mustard, scrub-blazing star, Florida zizaphus, and bear grass. Rare animals include the Florida scrub-jay and sand skink.  The land is being managed with controlled fire to maintain and improve its suitability for the unusual species which live here.  Plant communities on the Tract include scrub, scrubby flatwoods, sandhill, the edge of Lake Arbuckle, and a variety of seasonal ponds and forested wetlands.

The Arbuckle Tract is accessible by one road that appropriate to 2-wd use and several 4-wd roads.  Other woods roads are open to hiking.  There is also a designated hiking trail.

The Walk-in-Water Tract is accessible by woods roads which are open only for walking/biking and trails.

Be sure to check the hunting calendar if planning a visit between October and April.

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