Society Contact Information


Addresses and Telephone Numbers

Address: FNPS
PO Box 278
Melbourne FL 32902-0278

Phone: (321) 271-6702 (cell)

FNPS Board of Directors


Becker, Julie Council of Chapters Representative
Blair, Ron Standing Committee Chair (Landscape Committee)
Bowman, Catherine President
Carr, Susan President
Cox, Anne Standing Committee Chair (Membership)
Crawford, Ina Director at Large
Denton, Shirley Standing Committee Chair (Communications Committee)
Driscoll, Kara Council Vice Chair
Jarrett, Ray Standing Committee Chair (Land Management Partners)
Kelly, Eugene Standing Committee Chair (Policy and Legislation Committee)
Poag, Wendy Director at Large
Rodak, Marlene Chair (Conference Committee)
Rolly, Jacqueline Secretary
Rynear, Juliet Standing Committee Chair (Conservation Committee)
Schmalzer, Paul Standing Committee Chair (Science Advisory Committee)
Spence, Don Vice President for Administration
Sullivan, Carol Director at Large
Zampieri, Nicole Council Secretary

Council of Chapters


Big Bend Miliam, Jaya
Citrus Philips, Athena
Coccoloba Johnson, Ben
Cocoplum Wentink, Dianna
Conradina Steuart, Martha
Coontie Brownscombe, Richard
Dade Bishop-von Wettberg, Eric
Eugenia Martin, David
Heartland Thomas, Gregory
Hernando Renner, Mikel
Ixia Stibolt, Ginny
Lake Beautyberry Poag, Wendy
Lakela's Mint Loveridge, Ann Marie
Magnolia Zampieri, Nicole
Mangrove Squires, Alan
Marion Big Scrub Curry, Deborah
Naples Cox, Daniel
Nature Coast Parsons, Gail
Palm Beach County Keshavarz, Lucy
Passionflower Knapp, Susan
Pawpaw Guidry, Sonya
Paynes Prairie Saurers, Sandi
Pine Lily Figueroa, Tayler
Pinellas Allyn, Jan
Sarracenia Brodhead, Jeannie
Sea Oats Zinn, Judith
Sea Rocket Hendricks, Greg
Serenoa Timmerman, Erica
Sparkleberry Sullivan, Carol
Sumter Dwyer, Nancy
Suncoast Overstreet, Virginia
Sweetbay Crawford, Ina
Tarflower Becker, Julie
The Villages Spears, Carol