2020 Fieldtrip

 Native Park and Jake Ingram's Native Yard

Ixia Chapter award winning park & nearby native yard

Leaders: Jake Ingram

Day: Sunday

Start Time at Site: 10:00 AM

End Time at Site: 12:00 PM

Difficulty: Easy

Lunch Included? No

Handicap Access: No

Cost: $7

Native Park, actually Native Parks 1 and 2, are two adjacent parcels of .5 acres located in the historic Jacksonville neighborhood of Avondale that were developed in the 1920's and 1930's by the Avondale Garden Club to increase awareness of plants indigenous to northeast Florida.  The founders of the park stated that its role was for "...the study of Florida plant life."  The park was well maintained for years but then underwent a period of decline until it was adopted in 2010 by the Ixia Chapter with the intent of carrying on the park's original purpose.  In Native Park 1, over 100 species of plants have been maintained, planted, established and labeled of which 97% are vouchered as native to Duval County.  The park has won numerous awards from city and state organizations. Native Park 1 is a fully-developed and maintained park showcasing native plants.  Native Park 2, presently a mostly vacant parcel, is under consideration by the Ixia Chapter for development with native plants.

After the tour of the park, Jake Ingram will lead a tour of his nearby all native yard and describe what it took to transition to its current status.  You may also visit another nearby yard that was the subject of a recent makeover to mostly native plants.

After the tours, you will find several great lunch options in the nearby Shoppes of Avondale located at 3620 St. Johns Avenue, 32205.