2020 Fieldtrip

 GTMNERR Education Center & Trail Tour

Tour restored freshwater marsh, mesic flatwoods & scenic estuarine overlooks

Leaders: Courtney Schultz, Ranger & Aquarist

Day: Sunday

Start Time at Site: 11:00 AM

End Time at Site: 2:00 AM

Difficulty: Moderate

Lunch Included? No

Handicap Access: No

Cost: $7 + $2 parking fee

Join Reserve staff for a behind the scenes tour of the Guana Tolomato Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve Education Center and a trail tour on the Guana peninsula bordered by the Tolomato and Guana Rivers. During the tour of the facility, you will visit areas not open to the public where the Reserve staff is working on a variety of laboratory project involving marine life.  You will also be led on a two mile tour through several habitats where you will see the the natural beauty of the marine environment and the restoration efforts by the Reserve staff.

The GTMNERR is one of 3 National Estuarine Research Reserves (NERR) in Florida and 28 in the country.  NERRs are designated by NOAA and administered by local state partners to protect estuaries, which provide critical ecosystem services and habitat for marine life.  GTMNERR is unique among most reserves in that it manages substantial uplands in conjunction with the wetlands of the estuarine system.

Trail in the Guana Preserve.  Photo by Walter Bryant