2020 Fieldtrip

 Native Plant Photography Workshop

with Paul Rebmann

Leaders: Paul Rebmann

Day: Thursday

Start Time at Site: 11:00 AM

End Time at Site: 3:00 PM

Difficulty: Moderate

Lunch Included? No

Handicap Access: No

Cost: $10

This workshop will present photography basics plus tips and tricks to help you take better wildflower photos.  No matter what you are using to take your photos – from your smartphone to the latest digital SLR - you will learn some insights that should help improve your photos.

We will first meet at the conference center to go over some of the basics and answer questions before heading out to a location on the UNF campus for some wildflower field photography.

Bring your camera and any accessories that you typically use.  It is also advisable to bring your camera manual.  If it is pdf or online only, you should put the pdf or a link to it on your smartphone.  You may want to enable some of the features mentioned during the workshop, and how to do this is different on nearly every camera.

Paul Rebmann is an award-winning and published nature photographer who has focused a great deal of his work on wildflowers.  Paul has lived in Florida for over 36 years and now resides in Ormond Beach. He is a longtime member of the Audubon Society and Florida Native Plant Society and is currently president of the FNPS Pawpaw Chapter.  His photography has won numerous awards, including multiple years in the Orange Audubon’s Kit and Sidney Chertok Florida Native Nature Photography Contest, with his loggerhead hatchling photo titled “Heading Out To Sea” taking first place in 2008 and in 2014 serving as one of the judges for the contest. Paul’s photos have been published in several field guides, scientific publications and Backpacker magazine.  His website www.wildflphoto.com now has information and photos of over 1300 subjects - over half of those are plants - plus his blog and newsletters.  The best of Paul Rebmann Nature Photography can be seen  at paul-rebmann.pixels.com where it can be purchased in various formats.