2020 Fieldtrip

 Bill Berthet's Pollinator Yard Tour & Concert

Award winning pollinator habitat

Leaders: Bill Berthet

Day: Thursday

Start Time at Site: 11:00 PM

End Time at Site: 2:00 PM

Difficulty: Easy

Lunch Included? Yes

Handicap Access: No

Cost: $7 (plus $3 onsite)

Come join Bill and Lynn for a tour of their 0.30 acre habitat featuring numerous trees, shrubs, flowers and vines that over time have attracted sixty-four species of butterflies.

Brain healthy food along with refreshments and various wines will also be available.

Around 1:00 p.m. Lynn, a long-time accomplished musician, will pay the mountain dulcimer and various other instruments and lead sing alongs.

Bill's award-winning yard was chronicled in his 2016 FNPS Blog post. Bill also spoke about the rare butterflies of Northeast Florida during our 2013 Conference in Jacksonville.

Zebra longwings roosting in Bill's backyard in 2013. Photo © Bill Berthet