Volunteer to Help with Policy and Legislation

Committee Chair:   Gene Kelly

Committee Function

The Policy Committee tracks political activities that impact upon Florida native plants or their environments, reviews potential issues of regional or precedent-setting impact for relevance to the FNPS mission, and develops policy statements to guide FNPS and chapter involvement in policy issues relating to Florida native plants.

Statement of Purpose of the Policy and Legislative Committee

To assist our Board of Directors in determining if an issue is of significant statewide impact to merit action or statement on the part of FNPS. This determination will be based on how closely the issue fits within the FNPS mission “to preserve, conserve and restore native plants and native plant communities”

The power of any group lies in its ability to focus and advocate for the most far-reaching and significant topics within its area of expertise. Once focused, collaborations with other groups of like mind, but of different areas of knowledge become possible and powerful. Conversely, the power to affect events is lost if a group strays too far from its knowledge base and fragments the group’s advocacy effectiveness.

FNPS can best serve preservation, conservation and restoration of native plants and native plant habitats by bringing the discussion of statewide issues to the FNPS Board of Directors. While supportive of our chapters in their local endeavors, the Society can better serve all FNPS members by focusing on issues that have regional or statewide ramifications. Therefore, it’s not any plant, any time, any where, but rather all plants within the larger context of natural systems throughout Florida. 

We hope that our membership participates in this process by bringing topics to our attention that meet these criteria. We welcome your input. 


  • Assist in researching issues relevant to the FNPS mission
  • Assist in tracking progress of legislation and/or agency action
  • Assist in contacting members in event of important immediate action needs
  • Assist in producing communications on issues (letters to agencies and politicians)

Resources for Committee Members