Committee Chair:   Marlene Rodak


Committee Function

The Conference Committee works with the FNPS BOD and regional chapters to put on the annual conference.  The Committee Chair is the head of the committee for the upcoming conference.

Each conference is held in a difference region of Florida and volunteers from throughout the state and from chapters near the conference site serve on the Conference Committee.


It takes a multitude of people to put on a conference.  Needs vary with time from general planning and conference focus, to the many people that it takes to actually implement the conference.

Typical Needs:

  • General Committee Members 
  • Speakers
  • Field Trip Leaders
  • Registration Table:  Assist Conference Registrants in picking up their registration packets.
  • Field Trip "Escorts":  One is needed for each field trip.  The Escort makes sure that cold drinks and (if appropriate) lunches are gathered up and taken to the trip site.  The Escort leads a small caravan of vehicles from the meeting place at the conference facility to the start location of the trip.  The Escort may be one of the trip leaders but is often a participant who takes on this additional duty..
  • Day of Conference Volunteers:  An equipment manager and a host are needed for each room.  The equipment manager makes sure the AV (or other) equipment is functioning, and manages the room space.  The host introduces the speakers and keeps a time reminder for the speaker.  
  • Other volunteers help with food and lunch distribution.
  • Silent Auction Subcommittee:  Seek out donations for the silent auction and manage the auction.  We have a chair, but we need people to assist.
  • Plant ID contest monitors (make sure the room stays in reasonable order, hand out answer sheets and collect them)
  • Clean up crews for social events
  • Speaker support -- we may need someone to pick up a keynote speaker at the airport, we need people on-site to greet the speakers and get them set up so that transition from speaker to speaker will be seamless
  • Field trip lunch support -- fill coolers with ice, organize drinks and lunches
  • Vendor support - several positions

Resources for Committee Members