South Florida

South Florida Rare Species Conservation Partnerships

Much of our focus in south Florida is on critically endangered plant communities such as Pine Rocklands and Scrub. Because so many of the lands supporting these plant communities have been lost to development, many of the plant species native to these habitats are themselves critically endangered. We are working with partners at Florida International University (FIU) to conserve several rare orchid species, including Cyrtopodium punctatum, Oncidium ensatum, Bletia patula, and Polyradicion lindenii aka Dendrophylax lindenii.

Cyrtopodium punctatum, cigar orchid

Cyrtopodium punctatum (cigar orchid) .


Invasive Plant Removal at Secret Woods Nature Center

Our Broward Chapter sponsors events to promote public understanding of the urgency and importance of protecting our last remaining natural places. They host workdays to remove invasive exotic species from the Secret Woods Nature Center.

The Broward Chapter also helped found a workgroup “Friends of Natural Areas in Broward.” The Broward Parks Foundation adopted the workgroup under their 501(c)(3) sponsorship.  The purpose of the group is to fund invasive removal work.  Because the group is independent, neither run by the County nor any one environmental organization, it has the potential to bring together everyone who cares about natural areas to fight the invasive plant menace.  It is critical. We have about five years.  Some parks and preserves are degrading rapidly.  


Secret Woods Nature Center

Baptisia megacarpa. Photo by Shirley Denton


Broward County scrub.