Phyla nodiflora

frogfruit, turkey tangle fogfruit, capeweed


wildlife plant   wildlife plant  

Plant Specifics

Form: flower
Life Span: short-lived perennial
Flower Color: flower color   flower color      white,purple
Phenology: evergreen
Noted for: Showy flowers, interesting foliage


Recommended Uses: Low growing groundcover. Can be used as a turf substitute in low traffic areas.
Propagation: Division.
Availability: Friends
Light: light requirement   light requirement  
Moisture Tolerance:
Salt Tolerance: Highly salt tolerant
Soil or other substrate: Sand, clay, loam
Soil pH Range: adaptable


wildlife plant   wildlife plant  
Larval host for Phaon Crescent (Phyciodes phaon), White Peacock (Anartia jatrophae) and Common Buckeye (Junonia coenia). Good nectar source for hairstreaks.
Native Habitats: Dry-moist-wet sites. Disturbed wet prairies, ruderal areas.

Distribution and Planting Zones

Natural Range

USDA Zones:

Map is based on minimum winter temperatures

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