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FNPS Annual Awards

December 12, 2016

FNPS is fortunate to have many dedicated and outstanding members who donate their time in support of our mission.  We honor your service each year at our annual Palmetto Awards ceremony, which takes place during the Annual Members Meeting at the conference. 

Please take some time to help identify those individuals or chapters that merit recognition by submitting nominations.  Also, announce the Palmetto awards at your chapter meetings and include the award definitions in your January and February newsletters and encourage FNPS members to send in their nominations.

Nominations are due Wednesday, March 15, 2017


FNPS Green Palmetto Awards – The Society generally awards one Green Palmetto award for:

  • Service or education
  • Science
  • Outstanding chapter of the year

FNPS Board members are not eligible for this award category.  Contributions can be of regional or statewide significance.  Any member can make Green Palmetto award nominations by contacting their chapter director or the FNPS president.

FNPS Silver Palmetto Awards – The Silver Palmetto award is made by the FNPS President to the Board member who has been of the greatest assistance during the past year.

FNPS Mentor Award – Created in 1995, the Mentor Award recognizes distinguished individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the science and practice of native plant preservation, conservation and restoration.  This award is the highest honor the Society can bestow and is reserved for lifelong or career-long contributions.  Selection of award winner is by a vote of the FNPS Board of Directors.