2017 Fieldtrip

 Learn About Land Management Reviews

Lake Kissimmee State Park

Leaders: Eugene Kelly andErik Egensteine (Park Biologist)

Day: Thursday

Start Time at Site: 9:00 AM

End Time at Site: 3:30 PM

Difficulty: Easy

Lunch Included? No

Handicap Access: No

Cost: Incuded in your conference registration

Photo provided by Lake Kissimmee State Park

The 5,900-acre park includes a diversity of natural communities and recreational opportunities.  It is sandwiched between three lakes – Lake Kissimmee, Lake Rosalie, and Tiger Lake- which serve as the focal point for much of the recreational usage.  The extensive areas of pine flatwoods (wet, mesic and scrubby), mesic hammock, floodplain marsh and floodplain swamp provide habitat for an array of listed species.  Especially noteworthy is the presence of cutthroat grass, toothed lattice-vein fern, and giant orchid.  Listed animal species include snail kites, crested caracara, and potentially scrub jays.  Several active bald eagle nests are also scattered across the park.

This trip is designed to serve as a case study for the state’s Land Management Review process.  Participants will serve as members of a mock Land Management Review team.  We will learn about the process while visiting numerous sites within the park. We will discuss the decision-making that guides natural resource management, habitat restoration, protection of cultural sites and recreational usage.  The underlying question we will seek to answer: Is the park being properly managed to meet the purposes for which it was purchased?  This trip will provide you with a deeper understanding of the challenges of resource management and protection, and prepare you for possible participation in an actual land management review.

  • You may need to pay the state park entry fee.
  • Be sure to bring water and food to last the day.  Lunch will not be provided. 
  • Though much of the park is xeric in nature, there are low areas and always a chance of wet feet or a shower. A change of clothes, at least in the car, is advisable.
  • Other items to bring: lunch, water, insect repellent, sunscreen, hat.


Lake Kissimmee State Park Land Management Plan

GPS Location    Latitude: 27.96900    Longitude: -81.38020